So I’m writing this in the studio… Got a few minutes break so I thought I’d post an update. I’m finishing off working on the proposed project with American belles Larkin Poe, it’s been a dream of a collaboration and the songs are taking shape nicely. Great mix of American and UK roots music, I really am buzzing for it. It’s pretty exciting to have a new album coming out so soon after the release of Blight & Blossom. On that note, Blight & Blossom is coming out on vinyl. Hipster. It’s being released on the day of the BBC Folk Awards up in Glasgow, but will be available first at the Karamel Club gig at the  Phoenix Club, Charing Cross, London this Monday (21st). Sadly it’s invite only, but I’m buzzing to see the vinyl itself. Anyway hope you all had a good festive period, I can’t go home to Cardiff because it’s snowed under, as you probably know. Looks like I’m gonna have to stay in this weekend and watch the football… #result… #COYS